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Sunday on Ride With Norman we get to see Norman hanging out in the Florida Keys, with Peter Fonda‼ They are hanging out with some of the best custom bike builders in the Keys at, MotoStudio. Their bikes are beautiful, custom, and one of a kind. They say that you will never find 2 of his bikes that are the same. You also might recognize Mr. Fonda from The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, where he played the lead villain "Roman". It's great to see former cast members get together, and on Sunday July 17th, that's exactly what we get‼

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Ride With Norman Sneak Peek Season 1 Episode 6

While we're waiting on Sunday's for Ride With Norman, I have set up a space where you can come to find out all of the exciting information‼

We have the Ride With Norman Twitter feed, it's just to the left. So if they are tweeting, you can see it from this page. Below this post is the sneak peak at next weeks episode. As you can see from the show, these sneak peaks are AWESOME, and gives us a clue about where we are going to see Norman, and his amazing guest travel too the next Sunday. Above the Twitter feed to the left, you can click the button to follow the Ride With Norman page, or you can click the button to the right, which let's you tweet to the Ride With Norman page, with a simple click. Be sure to check this page out weekly, to see what new, and exciting things we have in store for you.

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