Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Jeffrey was born in Seattle, WA, and was a basketball player in high school, and later in college. Starting in 1991 Jeffrey has been in a plethora of films, and t.v. shows. You can see him in his latest film, with Lauren Cohan- his costar from The Walking Dead, in Batman Vs. Superman. They play Bruce Wayne's parents, a role one would never think of seeing as how in the comics, Negan kills Glen, Lauren's on screen husband in The Walking Dead. Another notable film that he starred in is called The Watchmen, where he plays a super hero. Before The Walking Dead, he starred in the t.v. show Extant, opposite Halle Berry. You can also see him in the long running supernatural drama "Supernatural", as John Winchester. He plays the father to Sam and Dean Winchester. By now most people have heard that in the comics, Negan brutally kills Glen. We are left waiting until October now too see who his unlucky victim will be. In the comics, Negan is 100 times scarier than "The Governor", and it's already looking like the show is going to portray him just as cruel and ruthless. We don't know what you guy's think, but we know Jeffrey is playing Negan perfectly, and he his going to be the best villain that The Walking Dead fandom has ever seen. We are counting down the days until October‼

Bitchin Dixons Members At Comic Cons

Thank You to Swee, and Fi, for these awesome pictures!

Dear Jeffrey:
We at Bitchin Dixons, always include a special message to our cast member pick of the week. This week we chose you, because we respect your work as a wonderful actor. There are so many of your shows and movies, that we all hold dear to our hearts. We were so thrilled to see that you were cast as Negan too‼ We are all hoping that we get to see you in person at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta very soon! Thank you so much for accepting your new role as Negan. You are pulling out that cocky, but yet debonair ruthlessness from Negan, in the comics that we know and love. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future on the show as well! Lots of love and good luck !!!!!!!!!...

PS: Jeffrey you must remember the most important thing of all‼.......
When Carol is there, don't look at the flowers

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We wanted to spotlight our members who met Sean Patrick Flanery, Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead cast, Boondock Saints cast, and Sean Clark at Comic Cons or a chance meeting out and about on the town. Our very own Bitchin Dixons members, Swee Lee O'Gorman, and Fi Swan, got to meet our favorite guys and girls at this awesome con! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us for the website, and letting all of the cast know that you are part of our Bitchin Dixon family here. Thank you all for being such AWESOME Bitchin Dixons Members! You guys are all truly amazing!!!!!!

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