Norman Reedus stopped by Senoia Coffee & Cafe to grab a couple of coffees for Andy and, himself and we ran into each other. He wanted to give a big shout out to all of the' Bitchin Dixons' fans on here! View by clicking the picture above

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 Norman's shout out to The Bitchin Dixons

The Bitchin Dixons Official Chat

Be in Bitchin Dixons chat at 8pm - Midnight every Sunday, for an awesome chat! We will have chat before, during, and after the show! It will include guest from both Boondock Saints, and The Walking Dead (As their schedule permits!

The Bitchin Dixons  want to thank Wendy Guzmán

Bitchin Dixons want to say a big thank you to Wendy! If we have a message to get out to the public, she is always the first one on it. She retweet's everything we say to you guys. We appreciate it so much, because we are just  the one little group. It helps that we have the support of you guys to back us up! We couldn't ask for a better group of people to have as members. So show your love and support to our fellow Bitchin Dixons family member by hitting the follow button now!

The Bots - Blinded - Directed by Norman Reedus

The Walking Dead  Storybook Time - The Road So Far

 Chuck Norris Wears Daryl Dixon PJ's

Click the picture to the left, and it will take you to  Twitter. If you can, please RT that tweet to Norman, Chris Hardwick, The Offical AMC TWD, and Talking Dead twitter accounts. It's nice to see this meme brought to life. This is a meme made by the #BitchinDixons.

 Inside The Walking --- A Behind The Scenes Special

 Shamefull Secrets From TWD

  Furious 7


Brian Mahoney

Check out the Fast and The Furious 7 trailers to the right. We know our friend Brian Mahoney has a role in the movie too! So make sure to check out your local theater to check show times! We will be there on April 3rd, it's official release date! We can't wait to see pictures of you in front of the Furious 7 posters! So tweet them to us at @BitchinDixons !