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Shout Out From Norman

Hellfest - Gale Anne Hurd

Watch Above as Norman reveals Andrew Lincoln's, last prank on the set of The Walking Dead. (Credit: Wochit Entertainment)

Andrew Lincoln's last prank on Norman Reedus during TWD

Norman singing a song with Clark (2013)

When I found out that this movie was produced by Gale Anne Hurd, I just knew I had to tell everyone about it! How could you not want to see a movie produced by one of the most awesome TWD producers ever. Do you like horror movies? Well then Hellfest is definitely the movie for you. What happens during Hellfest you ask? Well just watch the trailer above to find! Premieres September 28th

Norman Reedus stopped by Senoia Coffee & Cafe to grab a couple of coffees for Andy and, himself and we ran into each other. He wanted to give a big shout out to all of the' Bitchin Dixons' fans on here! View by clicking the picture above