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Thank you for donating to get Norman one of these awesome Bitchin Dixons Member Name shirts, which are available for purchase of your own by clicking here.When we get Norman's shirt in, we will set up a post in the Facebook Group, and anyone who wishes to post a message to Norman can, and I will put them in the package with his shirt. I thought it would be a nice gesture, to see nice messages, and some uplifting things to make his day a little brighter.

Do you think Carol & Maggie will escape the Saviors?
Yes - They will escape on their own.
Yes - They will escape with the help of the group.
No - The Saviors will kill one of them.
No - The Saviors will kill both of them.
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For the last few months we have been moving, and then getting settled into our new house. During that time though we were not talking on a regular basis, we were here, and we were watching. We wanted to highlight some of the elite posters from Bitchin Dixons. There are a few people who posted, and kept you guy's updated.When we weren't here to bring you the best of the best in the Saint's, and Walking Dead world, they were there to do it for you. So we want to call these special people out, they deserve recognition for all the hard work that they do. Not only do they make these awesome post, they also have become friends with most of you. Since I started this website, we've all become more than just friends, we're family. These Bitchin Dixons are the elite of the last few months, and we want to thank them immensely. So here we are featuring these Elite Bitchin Dixons, Leanne, Becky, Swee, and Tonja, and Liz until 3-27-16‼

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We had an extra shirt that we wanted to bring to this years con. Cystic Fibrosis is not a well known disease like some of the others, and even some of our members have this disease or family members that have it. My niece passed away from it at 13, on December 22nd, 2004. We wanted to carry on her wishes, so we asked the cast if they would sign our shirt for charity. We wanted all of the proceeds to benefit . The cast graciously signed without hesitation, keeping her spirit alive. The price for the shirt is $1,750.00 USD. It has 37 cast members signatures on it, and we have 99% of them with Proof Of Authenticity. Most of the cast has also tweeted it out, on their Twitter handles as well. All of the proceeds will go to the charity above. I know the members with this disease, and my niece would be so proud of the work we are doing, and most importantly they would be happy your donation would get you this amazing item, and help others at the same time. If you wish to buy it now, click below the pictures on the buy it now button to the left of this text. Everything is safe and securely handled through Paypal. Thank you so very much, - Crissy Thomas - Owner of

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Norman Reedus stopped by Senoia Coffee & Cafe to grab a couple of coffees for Andy and, himself and we ran into each other. He wanted to give a big shout out to all of the' Bitchin Dixons' fans on here! View by clicking the picture above