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Corey Brill (Pete on The Walking Dead Season 5) sings about the woes of his new nickname, #PorchDick, on this special Nerdist Presents. Thanks a lot, Chris Hardwick.

The Ballad Of Porch Dick

The original group has come a long hard journey over the last few seasons. Maggie has lost her father, her sister, and for a short time she thought she had lost Glenn too. As she traveled to Terminus with Bob, and Sasha they were reunited at last. Now that they have made their way to Alexandria, could they have either planned her pregnancy thinking they were safe? Maybe they had a slip up, and this baby could be a new light in Maggie's eyes. She has lost almost everything she had to hold onto. If she is pregnant and Glenn happens to die, I wonder what will happen to her then?

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We have taken 3 guesses on the next cast member to die in The Walking Dead season 6. Above you can see the 3 pictures of them. We want you to tweet us using @BithinDixons on Twitter or using the #BitchinDixons tag on twitter, of who your pick is for the next to die! Below are our reasons for our choices! Read if you dare, bwahaha!

Above you can see a picture of David Morrissey as "The Governor" from the t.v. show the Walking Dead, and to  the right him in his new BBC series "The Driver". If we didn't think that he looked like "Patchy the pirate before, The Walking Dead confirmed to us, he just might be Patchy's long lost brother! Also you can catch him in the crime drama series The Driver, as on of it's main stars on BBC. It's 3 part episode, and I don't know about you, but we CAN'T wait to see what he has in store for us in his new show! Keep up the good work sir, and we'll see you at WSC Atlanta 2015!

 Is Maggie Pregnant?

 Who's next?

The Walking Dead  & The Driver

A Walking Dead Parody - Little Ass Kicker Over There

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